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Note from the Webmaster:  Don Barnett  was one of the prime movers behind the 1993 reunion held in Washington DC.  In an effort to find out if more reunions were planned, he was contacted by mail.  Below are excerpts from his kind letter, published with his permission.

"The reunion in 1993 was just about the nicest thing that has happened to me (aside from JoAnn, our two girls, and the three grandchildren) in my lifetime.  My entire lifetime!   . . .We worked like crazy, and it was wonderful. . . .Staff and about a half dozen patients - - from all over the nation came.  Lots of tears, memories, and good friends.

What about trying it again?  I just don't have the energy.  But others might try.  I would attend, and my wife would be thrilled to help and attend too.

How's this?

  1. We have the names of about 800 (I think) from the 1993 database, and we have about $2,000 in the bank (but many addresses and forwarding addresses have changed.)  COL Jenkins, the XO from 68-69, has the money in New Jersey.

  2. Let's send a notice to the 800.  Put notices in the 50 magazines (Note: reference to various veteran's magazines) - - that is free.  But not be so pricey this time.  The rooms at the Mayflower were expensive and the fee was $125 to cover cost of meals, meeting rooms, the planning, postage, etc.

  3. There is a Comfort in in Arlington, near the Metro station, and we could use the metro to get to downtown Washington for the parade.  (Note: Don is referring to plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the dedication of The Wall in November, 2002.)

  4. I sent a letter . . . to about 50 folks.  Got back ten answers, but nobody signed up to run it.  I'd do it, but with a smaller effort than 1992 and 1993.

Put as much of this as you can on the Internet - use my new address and phone number."  (Note:  In the interest of Don's security, only his business phone is listed below.)

Business Address:

Mr. Don Barnett
1546 Williams Street, Suite 101
Denver, CO 80218
Business Phone: 303-393-1102

Anyone wanting to pick up the torch and organize another reunion is more than welcome to use this site as an organizing tool.  Please contact the Webmaster if you want to organize a reunion and need notices and information posted on this site.

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Updated September 17, 2000