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Fortmiller - Sp4 Promotion Male Hooches at the 24th Evac Sunrise over the Helipad Sunrise over the Helipad
Capt Don Barnett giving PFC Fortmiller his SP4 promotion. Male "Hooches" Sunrise over the Helipad Sunrise over the Helipad

POW Hospital Tower Transporting a Patient
Sunset over the POW Hospital Transporting a Patient to Ton Son Nhut Huey bringing a Patient to the 24th Unloading a Patient

Patient in the ER
Unloading a Patient Patient going to the ER Patient in the ER Patient in PreOp

Surgery Family Waiting  
Dr Rohner & Dr Ganchrow Family waiting Map  

MPC South Vietnam Money    
Military Payment Certificate South Vietnam Currency    

Ed Fortmiller: October 1968 - December 1969, Wards 9 & 10, CMS, Surgery
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Updated: August 3, 2003