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Summary - June 1969

To be written.

June 15

Private Timothy Turner of D Company, 5th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, is evacuated to the 24th suffering from shrapnel from an enemy mine.  He succumbs to his wounds four hours after being hit.  (Source: 5th Battalion Operations and History Site)

June - Exact Date Unknown

LT Martha "Marti" Courson (now Maron) arrives at the 24th.  She serves as a Nurse on the  Neurosurgical (Wards 5-6) and Orthopedic/Pediatric/POW Units (Wards 9-10) (Source: Marti Maron)

June - Exact Date Unknown

Ed Fortmiller got a terrific aerial shot of the 24th from a Huey. 

  egf_aerial.jpg (48812 bytes)
Way to go, Ed!!
Click on picture for enlarged version.

Here's other aerial shots of the 24th.          February 1968


                                And from the ground in December 1966.

And here's a water tower Don Patrick took a picture of in March 2001, which may be the old water tower at the 24th Evac.  What do you think?

Click on picture for enlarged version.

Updated May 02, 2001