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24th Evacuation Hospital
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To provide a place on the Internet for people who were
at the 24th Evacuation Hospital in Long Binh, South Vietnam,
both patient and unit members,
to find each other and join in the
remembrance of shared experience.

Dennis E Haines, Recipient of the Images Of Bravery Award,
Patient at the 24th Evacuation Hospital, December 1968.
Photos (51) by Lou Mengoli, 1967 Several stories by Henry Powers, 1968
Article about Deanna Ellis DiBartolomeo, 1968 Article about Anne Payne, 1969
Photos by Susan Dunn, 1967 MISSING!!   Folks we still can't find.
Tell us where they are, or
Add to the list!
Photos by Ed Fortmiller, 1968

A terrific aerial photo of the 24th Evac taken from a Huey by Ed Fortmiller in June 1969. 

Viet Nam 24th EVAC HOSPITAL 1968-1969 Video

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